Our church supports the Centerstone Recovery Center which is located at Englishton Park Presbyterian Ministries at 2426 South English Drive a few blocks north of us here in Lexington.  The program started on August 29, 2017.  Centerstone Recovery Center is an 18-bed unlocked facility providing comprehensive, innovative, holistic, long-term recovery options in a beautiful country setting. Physicians, nurses, dieticians, therapists, recovery coaches and peer recovery specialists comprise the onsite staff.  Program emphasis are building skills for long-term sobriety, employment readiness, improved relationships, parenting, emotion management and community integration. In addition, education about wellness, fitness and nutrition are offered.  The residential program length of stay is up to 30 days. Following residential treatment, Centerstone Recovery Center staff connect clients to services in the community of their choice. Transition of care includes resource access to shelter, food, linkage to primary care physicians, transportation, individual therapy, group therapy, and recovery, employment and health coaching based on need. Additional Centerstone Recovery Center programming will implement multiple treatment approaches to increase clients’ long-term recovery skills.



In September of 2017, our church, in conjunction with Scheller Fitness and Cycling in Louisville, donated two pieces of exercise equipment to the Centerstone Recovery Center in Lexington.  Pictured from left to right is Marty Scheller of Scheller's, Pastor Aaron Flucke, and Elder-Treasurer Lisa Conder.