The Faith in Life Windows are the six stained glass windows in our church.  They were donated to us by the former Eastminster United Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis.  Kathleen Tindall was the artist for these windows and they were made by Godward Glass Studio in Indianapolis.  Originally, they were dedicated at Eastminster on September 13, 1981 as "a fitting memorial to honor the faith and service of those of our loved ones who have died.  The faith that we speak of is the same faith that has sustained man since time began, and which will culminate in our all becoming one in Christ.  It is to that faith and hope that we desire our memorial windows to speak."

After our church was completely destroyed by fire on July 1, 1996, news traveled quickly throughout the Presbyterian community.  At the time, the Eastminster Presbyterian Church which stood at 7145 East 10th Street, was in the process of closing and merging with another church.  Bonnie Clapp, who served on our Rebuilding Committee, contacted her uncle James Taflinger who attended Eastminster.  The windows had already been auctioned off to another church at the time of the fire, however, when word reached the church of our need for the windows, they withdrew their bid and donated the windows to us so that they would live on in another Presbyterian church.  Before the Eastminster Church was demolished, Lincoln, Tommy, and Chris Taylor traveled to Indianapolis, removed the windows from the church, and carefully placed each one in a specially designed transfer case.  They were then transported safely to Lexington where they were stored in the garage of Bonnie's mother, Mable Renschler, until their installation a few weeks before our church re-opened on July 27, 1997.


Church Window

We believe that the church is called into being by God who granted us the Holy Spirit to enable us to carry out His will.  The Church Window depicts the church as a ship (ancient symbol of the church) moving through troubled waters dependent upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit (descending dove above the ship).  Jesus promised that the power of death shall not prevail against His church. 
Matthew 16:18


Christian's Window

As God's people, we have a special relationship with God and with the world. We are charged to be fruitful and spread His love to all mankind.  The Christian's Window depicts the believer as a vine whose mainstream is faith in Jesus Christ (the Chi Rho, Greek abbreviation for Jesus Christ forms the trunk of the vine).  The branches growing from the Christ-stem are fruitful ones bearing the nine fruits of the spirit.
Galatians 5:22; John 15:5



Trinity Window

The Trinity Window depicts the foundation of our faith - the concept of an eternal triune God (symbolized by a triangle interwoven with a circle at the top of the window) who is revealed to us in the inspired words of the Holy Scriptures (in the lower portion of the window is seen the Bible from which emanate the flames of the Holy Spirit).
Matthew 28:19-20


Christ Window

Christ's self-description is the inspiration for the Christ Window.  In John 14:6, Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me." At the top of the window is the believer's crown of life.  The lamp of truth burns in the lower portion, joined to the crown by paths of light symbolizing the way.


Resurrection Window

The Resurrection Window illustrates the tenet of our faith that Jesus, taking upon Himself the sins of humankind, was crucified (cross dominating the window), and rose from the dead to triumph over sin (lily, symbol of resurrection, entwined across cross).  The circle, symbol of eternity, at the top of the window, speaks to the belief that by His grace we attain Eternal Life.  The chalice and sheaf of wheat at the base of the cross signify our communion commemoration of His ultimate sacrifice.
1 Corinthians 11:23-26


Creation Window

The Creation Window pictures the Creator God (hand at top of window) giving us the world and all therein (globe in center of window).  Super-imposed upon the world is a living tree, symbolic of His gift of the miracle of life, which reaches toward heaven and is touched by the hand of God.
Genesis 1:29-31